up|set1 [ˌʌpˈset] adj
1.) [not before noun]
unhappy and worried because something unpleasant or disappointing has happened
upset by/about/at etc
She was really upset about the way her father treated her.
upset that
Debbie was upset that he didn't spend more time with her.
2.) be upset with sb
if you are upset with someone, you are angry and annoyed with them
You're not still upset with me, are you?
3.) upset stomach
an illness that affects the stomach and makes you feel sick
upset 2
up|set2 S2 [ʌpˈset] v past tense and past participle upset present participle upsetting [T]
1¦(make somebody unhappy)¦
2¦(change something)¦
3¦(make something fall)¦
5 upset the apple cart
[Date: 1700-1800; Origin: Probably from upset 'to set up, raise' (15-17 centuries)]
to make someone feel unhappy or worried
Don't do anything that would upset him.
to change a plan or situation in a way that causes problems
The chemicals upset the balance of the environment.
to push something over without intending to
He upset a bowl of soup.
4.) ¦(DEFEAT)¦
to defeat an opponent who is considered to be much better than you
Jones upset the 40th-ranked American, Cunningham.
5.) upset the apple cart informal
to completely spoil someone's plans
>upsetting adj
upset 3
up|set3 [ˈʌpset] n
1.) [U and C]
worry and unhappiness caused by an unexpected problem
If you are the victim of a burglary, the emotional upset can affect you for a long time.
when a person or team defeats an opponent who is considered to be much better than them
There was a major upset when the young skater took the gold medal.
3.) stomach upset
an illness that affects the stomach and makes you feel sick

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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